1 Stop HR Ltd. is a company that provides HR Management and Industrial Relations support....

Contract Business Solutions Ltd. is proud to be associated with 1 Stop HR Ltd. - a professional company that provides Human Resource Management and Industrial Relations support and advice,primarily to small and medium enterprises.Their main services are as follows:

Level 1(Online HR Support Service)

An annual subscription to the online HR Management information system, a comprehensive database of HR and employment legislation related information with downloadable documentation such as contracts of employment, grievance and disciplinary procedures, HR Manual, safety statement and a range of other forms,letters and checklists. This is essentially a self -help service. If you would like an on-site demonstration, please contact Séamus in CBS at 021 - 4545995 or through the online Inquiry form within this site (Contact Us).

Level 2(Online HR Support Service with Helpdesk)

All the features of Level 1 but,in addition, clients have unlimited access to HR specialists via the Helpdesk for immediate advice and guidance throughout the year.

Level 3(Deluxe HR Support Service)

A year-round support service which includes an initial HR assessment or "audit" to determine current practices and identify the main risk areas;development of a strategic plan to implement best practice and compliant policies, practices and procedures;development of an internal HR link person to ensure installation of agreed policies and procedures. This service level has a more directive or hands-on approach from 1StopHR as a HR consultant works closely with the client throughout the year. The package also includes the features of Levels 1 and 2.     

General Consultancy Services

Typical assignments include mediation,facilitation,investigation of issues such as bullying & harassment,assessment of employee claims and development of a structured response, direct representation and negotiation in relation to employee claims, development of specific company documentation(including contracts of employment, HR Manuals, safety statements, etc.), strategic analysis and planning for constructive change,management development and coaching.

Benefits of the 1StopHR approach

1. Saves time,a one-stop-shop for all your employment needs

2. Ease of mind

3. Employees will have a greater level of trust in your company which will have a positive motivational impact

4. Empowering you to achieve employment law compliance

5. Up-to-date information on changing employment legislation

6. Maintain effective policies,practices and procedures

7. Regular communications on HR and employment law developments.

If you have any questions or need any more information on the above, please contact Séamus in CBS at 021 - 4545995 or via the Contact Us Inquiry form.You can also visit the 1 Stop HR website via the Useful Links tab on this site.


When have you last taken time out to critically assess the efficiency of your current business processes?
Are some of your processes causing you concern?
Are your management results outdated by the time they are produced?
Would you benefit from outsourcing the front end recruitment process and thereby free up time to grow your business?
Remember that one of the many benefits of outsourcing is that you only pay for the service you receive, whilst having access to the knowledge & experience of a specialised outsourcing team.